Vungle Expands Expertise to South Korea’s Startup Scene with In-App Video Ads Service
2015년 07월 06일

Vungle, the way developers put video ads in their apps, has opened a South Korean office to accelerate growth and global expansion for the country’s startups through high performance in-app advertising. Vungle Korea is led by industry heavyweight, Hong Kim, former CEO of Groupon Korea. Kim brings a solid background in startups and finance, along with a passion for growing companies globally to his new role with Vungle. “South Korea’s startups have…

OnnuriDMC Develops Tech To Track Mobile Users In Real Time, Mobile Advertisers Rejoice
2014년 10월 08일

Sparklabs fourth batch recently kicked off and I had the chance to speak with one of their most promising startups, OnnuriDMC. OnnuriDMC operates a mobile advertising platform, CrossTarget, that the founders believe has solved a major issue for mobile advertisers; being able to track users in the mobile app environment in real time. Background In the PC environment advertisers are able to easily track user behavior through cookies, but this is generally…

Foreign-Owned NYK Media Group Helps Korean Startups and SMEs Communicate Effectively in English
2014년 07월 17일

“Touch Your Customers… Appropriately” Does the English in the above picture seem awkward to you? Let’s take a moment to look at it. There are no misspellings. The grammar is correct. But there is something definitely strange about telling a potential customer that your company “can touch anywhere”. Touch what exactly, and for what purpose? I guess we will have to use our imagination, but in this case first impressions will certainly…

Korean Food Delivery & Marketing Are Going Digital, Present Huge Growth Opportunity For Innovators
2014년 07월 14일

You need only check out professional eaters on YouTube or Psy’s latest video to see that eating is a national obsession in Korea. What’s more, metropolitan Seoul is active 24 hours a day and is home to around 26 million people. Taking this into account its not surprising that the market size for the restaurant sector is around $60Bn per year, with more than 500,000 restaurants open for business. The area of…

[Silicon Valley Hot Issue] 리더의 새 시대는 Digg Reader가 연다 | lyft, 하루에 세 개의 도시를 점령!
  ·  2013년 08월 30일

리더의 새시대를 열겠다 – Digg Reader RSS피드와 구글리더가 물러나고, 그 빈자리를 채울 Digg Reader 가 안드로이드 마켓에 론칭되었다.. 페이스북, 트위터, 텀블러, 구글+와 같은 소셜미디어들의 소식도 모아서 볼 수가 있다. 많은 관심이 모아지고 있는데, 기술적인 부분만 짚어보자면 아래와 같다. – 쓸어넘김 기능으로 빠르게 페이지를 이동할 수 있음(이 기능은 웹모습 보기와 텍스트 보기 모두 해당됨)- 새로운 이야기를 발견하면 Instapaper나 Pocket, Readability에 저장할 수도 있으며 Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Buffer, Dropbox, Google Drive,…

Today's Top 3 Silicon Valley News(09.26)
2012년 09월 26일

웹서핑을 하는 혁명적인 방법, StumbleUpon / Ubokia, 터레스트의 뒤에서 온라인 장터를 열다 / 모바일, TV 광고의 명성을 추격하다