Korean Camera App, Cymera, Passes 60M Downloads
2014년 01월 16일

Korean camera app Cymera, developed by SK Communications, has surpassed 60 million in cumulative downloads. Launched in March 2012, Cymera achieve over the 10-million downloads in just nine months and reached the 60-million milestone in just one year. It is also worthy of note that Cymera achieved 45 million downloads in foreign countries, a rare feat to be achieved by a Korean dev-house. Cymera gained popularity first in Southeast Asian countries, including…

What’s Up In Korea This Week? [29. May]
  ·  2013년 05월 29일

*Remember folks, Wednesdays are your ‘Weekly News’ day! Cymera Tops 20mil. In Downloads So Cymera is kind of a big deal now – they just topped 20 mil. in downloads. We wrote about this earlier (maybe a week ago). On May 13, Cymera passed the 10 million mark in downloads outside of the Korean peninsula, proving popular in Thailand and Taiwan. SK Communications SNS affiliate said that the number of downloads recently…

[주간 앱 경향] 싸이스러운 카메라 앱, 싸이메라
2012년 09월 20일

페이스북과 카카오스토리의 성장에 밀려 active 회원을 다 뺏겨버리고 유령도시가 되어버린 싸이월드가 큰 결심을 한 것 같다. 싸이월드의 새로운 모바일용 앱과 ‘싸이메라’라는 카메라 앱을 출시했고, ‘싸이메라’는 역대 최고의 카메라 앱이라는 호평을 받고 있다.