K CUBE Ventures: How This VC Became a Startup’s Best Friend
2014년 04월 20일

Investing in Korean startups can be a tough job for Venture Capitalists. Despite amazing growth over the last two to three in the venture ecosystem, we will have to wait for a further five years or more to see the fruits of this second push for a creative economy in Korea over the last ten years. As we know, VCs base their earning potential on few successful investments that can generate enormous…

Introduction to Top 100 Korean Tech Startups You Should Know: Part 3
2014년 03월 20일

Demoday, a web platform for Korean Startups, recently came up with a list of 100 hot Korean startups in 2013, and we thought this might be a great chance to write an introduction to the Korean startup world. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will introduce you to 10 startup companies that got into the list in alphabetical order. Here’s our list for this week: Cosmic Color Category: Commerce Key People: Jerry Yang…

K-Cube Ventures: VC Fund by Kakao Founder Brian Kim and Veteran Investor Jimmy Rim
2013년 07월 10일

Founded in March, 2012, K-Cube Ventures made a big first step by investing in 6 startups within 4 months of its start. What do we need for a growing the Korean startup ecosystem? “This question, which we asked ourselves, created ‘K-Cube Ventures’. There were not many opportunities for the early stage companies in Korea. They needed ‘Money’ and ‘Practical experiences’ from other entrepreneurs who went through same difficulties. That’s how K-Cube Ventures…

This Week’s Startup – Frograms
2013년 06월 18일

This Week’s Startup – Frograms   Frograms <Watcha>   Yes, We are “Crazy”- Frograms “We believe that best company is where you have best co-workers. We always try to be best co-workers to each other. We are fun and happy and we make amazing products.” That’s all about their company presentation on their official website. Frograms, unlike other traditional Korean companies, focuses on the efficiency and quality of the work rather than working-attitudes….

[패널토의]스타트업 대표 4인방의 생생한 이야기 @ K-Cube Startup Conference
  ·  2013년 02월 06일

어제 이화여대에서 열린 ‘2013 K CUBE 스타트업 컨퍼런스’에는 한국의 스타트업 생태계를 위해 할 수 있는 일을 찾기 위해 스타트업 대표 CEO들이 한자리에 모였다. 약 한 시간 동안 서로 다른 경험을 가진 스타트업 CEO 네 명의 패널토의가 이루어졌다.

[이주의 스타트업 구인구직]프로그램스(Frograms Inc.), 공짜로또앱 voila(브왈라), wishlink, Mesh, 앨리스, Whoops
2012년 10월 29일

이주에 구인중인 스타트업은 프로그램스(Frograms Inc.), 공짜로또앱 voila(브왈라), wishlink, Mesh, 앨리스, Whoops 입니다.