Korea’s Top Bitcoin Startup Raises $3 Million to Expand Bitcoin Adoption in Korea & Beyond
2014년 08월 27일

Korbit, Korea’s leading bitcoin exchange, wallet and merchant processor, has just closed a $3 million Series A funding round led by SoftBank Ventures Korea. Pantera Capital led the round from the US, with participation from BAM Ventures and previous investors Bitcoin Opportunity Corp., Tim Draper, Pietro Dova and initial investor Strong Ventures. Korbit launched their bitcoin exchange last year and have now added two new bitcoin services and aim to continue building the…

Korean Digital Rewards Service, Spoqa, Raises $2M To expand Into Japan
2014년 08월 05일

Spoqa is a Seoul-based startup that operates Dodo Points, a tablet-based loyalty platform for local merchants. Since its launch in April 2012, 1,500 local merchants in Korea signed up and Spoqa has driven 2.5 million customers to its partner merchants. Today the company has announced that it has closed its second round of funding, putting its total funding raised to $3.9M US dollars. With this round, Spoqa aims to aggressively expand its…

Korea’s Entrepreneurs Garner Global Validation As Local ‘Startup’ Valuations Soar Into The Billions
2014년 07월 21일

This article was co-authored by Alan McGlade (Digital Entertainment Ventures) and Nathan Millard (beSUCCESS) and appeared on Forbes on July 18 2014. As little as five years ago Korea’s startup scene was undistinguished, but now the nation has taken an important step towards establishing itself as a key technology hub in the Asia Pacific region and an essential partner for global investors and tech businesses. Two young Korean startups have gained the…

International Startup Team From LG & Google Raises $1M To Trounce Dropbox In Developing Markets
2014년 07월 10일

Hearing about employees giving up their highly-prized, stable, and well-paid corporate careers in Korea’s tech behemoths used to be incredibly rare. But the young team at ASDTech has done exactly that, choosing to give up salaries of well over $100k for the excitement and promise of entrepreneurship. Having founded ASDTech in 2013 after leaving LG Electronics, they developed their while-label cloud service, ‘Cloudike’, and have now secured their first major clients. Furthermore they have…

Korean personalized Travel Guide Service, MyRealTrip, Raises $980k, Plans China Expansion
2014년 06월 19일

MyRealTrip, a Korean startup that provides overseas travelers with personalized guided tours in thier mother tongue has just announced their third round of funding. SmileGate Investment led the round, contributing 70% of the funding, with Capstone Partners joining. This Series A round has provided an injection of almost $1M to help the company build out their Android and iOS mobile apps and expand to include Chinese travelers visiting Korea, as well as…

25 Year Old Korean Startup CEO Nets $2.5M Investment To Connect Fashion Addicts to Retailers
2014년 05월 27일

StyleShare CEO Jayoung Yoon is only 25 years old, but has built a formidable fashion and style platform and has just secured a further $2.5M to expand her vision globally. This series B investment from LB Investment follows a seed round from Primer (20M KRW), and a seed round from Suprema & the founder of Daum ($08.M). StyleShare as a mobile fashion contents platform that allows users to share what they are…

일본 유명 벤처 투자사 ‘글로벌브레인’, 싱가폴 온라인 뷰티 스토어 ‘룩솔라’에 투자
  ·  2014년 05월 26일

일본 유명 벤처 투자사 ‘글로벌브레인(Global Brain)’이 동남아시아 최대의 온라인 뷰티 스토어 ‘룩솔라(Luxola)’에 투자했다고 오늘 26일 밝혔다. 이번 라운드에서 글로벌브레인이 투자한 금액은 100만 달러(한화 10억2,550만 원)이다. 이번 투자는 사모투자전문회사 ‘에프엔에이치펀드매니지먼트(F&H Fund Management)’와 공동으로 추진되었으며, 총 투자 금액은 300만 달러(한화 30억7,650만 원) 규모인 것으로 알려졌다. 글로벌브레인은 이번 투자의 이유를 “아시아 국가를 넓게 아우르는 룩솔라의 브랜드 영향력과, 경영팀의 역량을 높게 평가했기 때문” 이라고 밝혔다. 글로벌브레인은 향후 룩솔라의 아시아 지역 진출과, 일본 코스메틱 브랜드와의 제휴 업무를 도울…

Korean ‘Hello Market’ Raises $2.5M to Augment Their C2C Buying Platform In Asia
2014년 05월 22일

Hello Market, who have just announced their first funding round of $2.5M, is a C2C marketplace platform service that allows users to sell, buy, and exchange goods and services through mobile platforms (Android, iOS) as well as the web. According to Co-Founder Alber Hahn their goal now is to continue to apply, update, and expand upon the craigslist C2C commerce model, with a current focus on further expansion into Japan. The Hello Market…

Korean Startup ESTmob Behind File-sharing App Send Anywhere Raises $1M From Rakuten Ventures
2014년 05월 20일

Originally Posted by TechInAsia ESTmob, the Seoul-based team behind file-sharing app Send Anywhere revealed today it has completed a US$1 million seed round led by Rakuten Ventures. ESTmob co-founder Suhyuk Kang said that they will use the funding to expand their user-base around the globe and ramp up the app’s feature set. Send Anywhere delivers a basic, somewhat mundane utility to device owners. After one downloads the app, a user selects a…

Seven Top News Items From The Korean Tech Scene This Week
2014년 04월 15일

1. Samsung has released its latest Galaxy S5 smartphone and wearables in 125 countries around the world as it battles squeezed profits and challenges to its top market position. Such a large simultaneous launch is the biggest of its kind for any of its previous products. The previous generation S4, the best selling android phone ever, started selling in 60 countries, and the Note 3 was first released in 58 countries. 2….

Facts That Make The Korean Startup & Tech Environment One of The Most Interesting in Asia
2014년 04월 11일

This article gives a round-up of recent news from the Korean startup and tech environment. Please feel free to suggest updates and additional news. If you want to check out Korea for yourself, we suggest coming to Seoul, May 14-15, for beLAUNCH, Korea’s top tech and startup event. While the event is based in Korea we welcome startups from across the world and have secured a top line-up of global speakers who…

What Made Silicon Valley’s DFJ Make a Follow-on Investment In A Bitcoin Startup From Seoul
2014년 04월 09일

Coinplug, one of Seoul’s foremost bitcoin startups has just announced that they have raised a second round of funding from Silicon Valley VCs, to the tune of $400k. This replicates a funding round that the company received just last November for the same amount. What is also impressive is that both rounds have come from Silicon Valley based Investors, a once rare occurrence for Korean startups. This story also follows news we…

Korea’s Pivotal Moment As Entrepreneurship Takes Centre Stage
2014년 03월 31일

In January in Davos, Switzerland, South Korea’s first female President, Park Geun-Hye pushed forward with a multi-billion “Creative Economy” policy. Although Korea has seen a great rise in GDP and living conditions in the last 50 years, President Park now believes the current economic growth environment in Korea has reached its limit, and just like startups often need to, she has decided to pivot the Korean economy to embrace innovation as a…

A Prescription for Pantech
2014년 03월 25일

  Pantech is saved from bankruptcy again and is instituting the second debt workout plan in the past 8 years. Pantech is the #3 Korean mobile phone manufacturer. The loss of Pantech in the Korean market would have been a loss in critical competition. What it needs? It needs creativity and innovation and a better financial manager. As a current Pantech phone user, it is actually a good quality phone. The problem…

Bolstered By Private & Public Investment, Qaster A ‘Smart’ Social Q&A Service From Korea Mines Twitter
  ·  2014년 03월 25일

WIV Labs, a data & social analytics startup which received almost $1M early stage investment from K-Cube Ventures and SMBA (Korean Government), today announced the beta launch of its social Q&A service Qaster ( Qaster is the first and only service to archive questions and answers from the 500 million messages generated on Twitter daily. The company aggregates this data and allows users to search through its website. Qaster makes useful Q&As…

Google Lends Its Name To Korean Mobile Start-ups To Avoid Costly ‘Kakao Tax’(UPDATE: Not True)
2014년 03월 04일

A Google spokesperson has reached out to TechInAsia who also posted this news, and pointed out that “it hasn’t done or offered any of the things described in this post.” References  were initially sourced from ZDnet Korea ( They have since taken down the articles used as reference for this article. We apologize for the inaccuracy of this post. Korea has long been a brand-obsessed shopping nation. Now Google aims to assist up-and-coming app…

Last Chance to Apply for JFDI’s Current Session, Asia’s Top Accelerator in Singapore
2014년 02월 20일

The application period for JFDI’s next session is open, but only for a few short days, before decisions are made about which founders will join the program this time around. Apply here now. In the past year JFDI has worked with 19 teams from all over Asia and as program Director, Ray Wu, looked back on his experience leading entrepreneurs he realized the importance of what JFDI is doing to build the startup community in…

Japanese Investor DeNA Makes Strategic Investment in Korea’s Top App For Couples
2014년 02월 10일

On December 20th we announced that Korea’s top social networking service for couples had launched V2.0 of their service. This followed with news from Japan on February 4th that the App had hit the number one spot in the social category. And Now a third momentous announcement within two months: Between has now added Japan’s DeNa as a strategic investor to build on recent success and the current trend towards ‘platforms’ that…

South Korea: An Emerging Global Hub For Tech Startups
2014년 02월 07일

According to a recent article on Forbes, and indeed my own insight from having worked very closely with Korean startups over the years,  “A new start-up powerhouse is on the horizon – South Korea”. While the US, Israel, and Europe have long led global innovation in the tech industry there is excitement in the startup ecosystem in Korea, with a number of highly notable stories emerging. What is also encouraging is that where…

Another Korean Bitcoin Startup, CoinPlug, Raises $400k from US Investors
2014년 02월 01일

Korean startup Coinplug has closed an investment round paid partly in bitcoin. This news comes shortly after another Korean Bitcoin startup, Korbit, also raises $400k from a dream team of Silicon Valley investors, as reported by beSUCCESS here. Coinplug raised $400,000 from Cupertino-based fund SilverBlue, with half the amount raised in bitcoin and the rest in fiat currency. The startup plans to launch a digital currency exchange, wallet and merchant platform in Korea in mid-December….