팬택, 벤처기업 협회에 벤처창업기업 지원 기부금 전달
2015년 06월 04일

팬택 구성원들은 ‘벤처기업협회’와 6월 4일(목) 오후 2시 벤처기업협회 대회의실에서 ‘벤처창업기업 지원을 위한 기부금 전달식’을 가졌다. 지난 5월 26일 ㈜팬택은 법원에 기업회생절차 폐지를 신청하고 청산절차에 들어갔으나, 마지막까지 회사를 지켜온 1200여명의 팬택 직원들이 사내게시판을 통해 모금을 진행하고 ‘우리의 창의와 열정은 계속됩니다’라는 제하의 광고를 진행한 바 있다. 광고를 게재한 매체에서는 광고의 취지와 팬택의 상황을 감안하여 무료로 광고를 게재하였고, 팬택 구성원들은 이 모금액을 같은 처지에 있는 벤처창업기업에게 도움이 되도록 벤처기업협회를 통해 기부키로 결정하였다. 벤처기업협회는 이번 팬택의…

Eight News Stories From Korea’s Mobile & Technology Industry, Featuring Samsung, LG, Pantech
2014년 04월 21일

1. Pantech Co., South Korea’s smallest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung and LG, recently raised concerns over a mobile carrier’s decision to cut the factory price of its smartphone, saying the two did not have an agreement on the matter. LG Uplus said it will slash the price of Vega Secret Up smartphones by 37%, to $577.92 from the previous price of aroun $900, claiming the move is meant to help Pantech expand…

A Prescription for Pantech
2014년 03월 25일

  Pantech is saved from bankruptcy again and is instituting the second debt workout plan in the past 8 years. Pantech is the #3 Korean mobile phone manufacturer. The loss of Pantech in the Korean market would have been a loss in critical competition. What it needs? It needs creativity and innovation and a better financial manager. As a current Pantech phone user, it is actually a good quality phone. The problem…

Top News Items From Korean Tech: Mobile Commerce Grows, Naver Shares Bounce Back, Pantech in Trouble
2014년 03월 03일

Mobile Shopping Users In Korea Exceed 20M For First Time A recent survey has shown that Koreans using mobile shopping applications has grown such that there are now more mobile shoppers than there are KakaoGame players in Korea. According to who conducted the survey, the number of shopping app users totaled 21.63M, as of January 2014. This figure is 2.7M higher than the number of KakaoGame Play users and represents a…

Don’t Tell Anyone: Pantech Hopes to Reverse 3 Consecutive Quarters of Disaster With a New “Secret Note” Handset
2013년 10월 11일

Ever heard of Pantech? Probably not recently. The struggling tech company recently lost its head, who stepped down after ordering almost 1/3 of the workforce to take a six month ‘vacation’. The company is now hoping to gain some credibility back (from staff and customers alike), with the release of a new 5.9-inch phablet: the VEGA Secret Note. Pantech has posted three consecutive quarters of serious losses starting at 81.2Bn won in…

Samsung Invests $47.6mil In Pantech? There’s More To It Than You Think…
  ·  2013년 05월 23일

We wrote earlier in the year that Samsung and Pantech will compete in the smartphone and tablet marketplaces in 2013. The decision comes as a surprise and may raise some eyebrows among analysts and investors who say that Pantech doesn’t have much to offer Samsung in terms of technology or software capabilities: it was confirmed today that Samsung invested in $47.6 million in Pantech, the third largest mobile device manufacturer in South…

[Weekly News] What’s Happening In Korea? (10. Feb)
  ·  2013년 02월 11일

beSUCCESS covers weekly news in Korea, 10 Feb.

Asians Always Get The Best Toys – 5.9 Inch Pantech To Hit Korean Stores
2013년 01월 29일

Quick on the heels of Pantech’s announcement of major new investment from Qualcomm, comes the release of the largest full HD smartphone on the market; Vega No. 6. Apparently the largest HD phone screen on the market.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger: Qualcomm’s Investment In Pantech (But What Is It Anyway?)
  ·  2013년 01월 23일

Qualcomm will be investing $23 million in Pantech, the company ranked 3rd in the mobile industry in South Korea. Who is Pantech? Will there be a shift in dynamics? Will there be significant changes made in the industry? Why is Kanye West relevant in all this? beSUCCESS answers these questions.

[Weekly News] What’s Up In Korea? (23. Jan)
  ·  2013년 01월 23일

beSUCCESS covers weekly news in Korea, 23 Jan.