LG Aims For No. 3 Global Smartphone Spot in 2014, Unveils G Pro 2
2014년 02월 17일

With the launch of a large-screen smartphone-tablet hybrid on Thursday, LG Electronics is attempting to achieve an ambitious goal:  regain the No. 3 spot in the global smartphone market place. It may be a long shot. Last month, Chinese PC maker Lenovo announced plans to buy Google’s Motorola Mobility handset unit for $2.9 billion. There has been a lot of coverage in the press about the recent Lenovo-Motorola deal, but internally LG has been focusing on boosting their own…

One Navigation Industry, Two Different Paths
2014년 02월 07일

All navigation manufacturers are facing an increasingly challenging market. While Apple and Google offer built-in or free software in the US, Korean Telecom companies offer even more state-of-the-art navigation software, informing drivers of speed limit zones and locations of traffic enforcement cameras. Despite the similar kind of market pressure in the face of evolving smartphone apps, the navigation manufacturers in the two markets seem to be moving in opposite directions. While American…

Korean Smartphone Market Set to Heat up as Autumn Temperatures Cool
2013년 10월 14일

Who will come out as a winner in the new autumn version of the smartphone battles? Autumn 2013 will see a string of new smartphone releases, with the race already on. ‘Vega Secret Note,’ the ‘Galaxy Round,’ the ‘iPhone 5S’ and the ‘Vu 3’ will all be released in short succession over the next few months, with an advantageous position in the lucrative Korean market going to the victor. A fierce marketing…

Robotic Pet Care From Korean Startup SinglePet Could Break New Ground For Pet Owners
2013년 08월 16일

Stuck at work doing overtime, and not able to get home to feed your pet? No need to worry, just pick up your smartphone and at the press of a button you’re able to dispense food from SinglePet’s hardware at home. The service even allows pets and their owners to interact through a live video stream direct to a mobile handset, whenever and wherever they are so that you easily can check…

AT&T, 페이스북 폰 0.99달러 초저가 판매 프로모션 진행
  ·  2013년 05월 09일

‘페이스북 폰’으로 더 잘 알려진 HTC First™는 AT&T에서 0.99달러라는 초저가에 판매되고 있다. 불과 출시 한 달 만에 가격이 2년 약정시 99달러에서 0.99달러로 내려간 것이다. 이는 초기 출시된 가격 350.99달러에서 99.72%의 초특가 할인으로, 350달러를 뺀 가격이다.   일각에서는 AT&T와 HTC가 프로모션을 통해 더 많은 수익을 올리려거나, 페이스북이 facebook Home이라는 안드로이드 런처를 더 많이 사용하게끔 하려는 시도로 보고 있다. 이에 AT&T는 “어차피 모든 폰의 가격은 내려가게 되어 있습니다. 또한, 인기 있는 다른 HTC폰이나 삼성…

Eight Big (Korea-Centric) Stories In The SmartPhone Market This Week
2013년 02월 26일

Markets, Commentators, Business Insiders and media have all predicted that 2013 will be the year of the smartphone. We took a look at Korea-centric news and developments in the space over the last few days, and have compiled a list of top smartphone news.

Korean Smartphones Used By One Third Of America
  ·  2013년 02월 22일

1 in 3 North Americans use Korean smartphones. Apple was the number 1 smartphone vendor in the USA with 37.6% market share in 2012. LG and Samsung are catching up, and their sales in the US and Canada continue to grow. Who will be the no.1 smartphone vendor in the US in 2013?

China Catching Up To Korea In The Smartphone Industry & Market
  ·  2013년 02월 21일

Since November 2009, the global smartphone industry has seen many changes. ZTE and Huawei have both been gaining market share in the Chinese and overseas market, but why have these Chinese rivals not been active in releasing their smartphones in Korea and what are their plans for the future?

50% Of Japanese Market Taken Over By Global Handset Makers
  ·  2013년 02월 20일

Counterpoint Technology Market Research reported that non-Japanese handset makers now surpassed the 50% mark in the Japanese handset market for the first time. This shows that consumers are moving away from local manufacturers for a wider array of mobile devices. Also, foreign players had a head start in introducing smartphones running on iOS and Android platforms. Apple is leading the race with 16%, and the quarterly figure marks an increase from 10% in 2011. Samsung…

LG To Launch Second Series Of L3, L5 and L7 Models: Is LG Catching Up With Samsung?
  ·  2013년 02월 20일

LG was the world’s fifth-largest handset maker last year, with a 3.3% market share. Is this about to change in the next couple of years however? This year, LG plans to promote a follow-up series of the line-up in these continents without a high long-term evolution penetration. They will reveal the second series of the L3, L5 and L7 models at the Mobile World Congress 2013. It will be interesting to see how they change the dynamics, considering LG’s success with OLED panels.

Pantech Attracts Korean Students with Smartphone Vera R3
  ·  2012년 10월 24일

The Vega R3 has been gaining huge attention because of its innovative functions, features and its practical applications in real life. Experts take optimistic views for the future of the Vega R3. We will now have to see if Pantech will recapture the No.2 place in the smartphone market in Korea which they are aiming at.

"미안, 삼성": 미 법원, Galaxy Nexus 판매금지 가처분 정지 신청 기각
2012년 07월 05일

미국 연방 법원이 오늘 삼성의 Galaxy Nexus 판매금지 가처분 명령 집행 정지 신청을 기각했다. 미국 법원은 지난 달 29일, 갤럭시 넥서스의 특허 침해 소송에서 판매 금지 가처분 결정을 내린 바 있다. 담당 판사는 ‘판매 금지로 인한 시장 점유율 손실은 전체 스마트폰 시장의 극히 일부분에 그칠 것’이라며 기각 이유를 밝혔다.

넥서스 무한경쟁시대! 구글, 안드로이드 5.0 디바이스 협력사 확장
2012년 05월 16일

구글이 자사 주력 제품인 넥서스 안드로이드 스마트폰과 타블렛을 다양한 제조사에서 출시할 예정이다. 지금까지 구글은 협력사 한 곳을 선정하여 넥서스 라인을 제조해왔으나, 이번 협력사 확장으로 안드로이드 폰에 대한 영향력을 확장하려 한다는 분석이다. 또한 이를 통해 현재 구글이 진행하고 있는 모토로라 모빌리티 인수에 대한 불안을 잠재우려는 전략으로 보인다.