Leland Creswell(Leland.Creswell)
Leland is an avid startupaholic and programmer living and working in Seoul with beSuccess. He's worked as a co-founder before (Pickple Communications) as well as teaching English and marketing to businesses in the past.
beGLOBAL 2015 Screening Wraps Up – 20 Amazing Startups Get Ready to Go Global
  ·  2015년 04월 15일

The second screening session for beGlobal Seoul 2015 was held in D.Camp on May 13. After a grueling day, our judges nominated the top 20 startups whom will be appearing on the big stage at the DDP, May 14th. There were a variety of applicants ranging from hardware through software with even a few international startups participating and pitching via Hangouts.   The relay screening went from 9AM to 6PM. Judges Yongkil…

beGLOBAL 2015 Application Deadline Today
  ·  2015년 04월 06일

The extended deadline for Startup Battle applications will hit tonight, April 6th, at midnight. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the startups who have put their time and effort into making applications to this year’s startup battle and very much hope to see all of you at the upcoming conference! For those still working on their applications, please keep in mind the deadline. You…

Big Data Means Big Money for RecoBell
  ·  2015년 03월 31일

The slogan at Recobell reads “Big Data? Big Money.” We’ve heard it before. RecoBell, a Korean based commerce innovation firm, seems to think they’ve got a solution that makes it easy for companies to leverage their data and turn it into increased efficiency and profit. Founded in February 2013, RecoBell leverages big data algorithms to help commerce companies get personal with their customers with the intent to make money for both themselves…

beGLOBAL 2015 Startup Battle Q-Prize Increases to $250,000 – Deadline For Applications Extended to April 6th
  ·  2015년 03월 31일

The Qualcomm Q-Prize, to be awarded at this year’s beGLOBAL 2015 Startup Battle, has been increased to a hefty $250,000. In light of this major change, we have extended out the deadline for applications to April 6th to give startups a bit more time to refine their applications and get through the first round of screening. Last year’s startup battle saw 112 startups apply. This year’s startup battle will be tighter, more…

The Startup Ecosystem Is NOT A Zero Sum Game (Or, How Generosity Breeds Success in Startups)
  ·  2015년 03월 25일

90% of startups fail. That means if you are in a startup right now, you will most likely fail. You can either hunt, or be hunted. No. Failure is an illusion. Driven by the media and society at large to pump negativity into our lives – to drive interest and play with our minds. The concept of total failure as a startup is a dangerous one that causes selfishness, greed and a driven-by-fear…

beGLOBAL – Getting In On The Ground Floor Of Korea’s Startup Revolution
  ·  2015년 03월 16일

Think of a country 50 million strong. Packed into a land less then a quarter the size of California. Coming from next to nothing, this is a people who have worked miracles and economically surpassed much of the world. This is South Korea. This is the remarkable, raging cradle of innovation that beGLOBAL is opening to the world. Recently, immense investments in the future of Korea’s ready-to-explode startup industry were made. Combine…