Between: A SNS Just For You And Your Significant Other From Korean Startup VCNC Takes On The Asian Market
2013년 08월 08일

KAPP_VCNCDon’t want to be one of THOSE couples? You know the sort, always sending cute messages to each other’s Facebook wall, cluttering your newsfeed with annoying content that really should only be between the two lovebirds. If so, smartphone app Between is something for you. Created by Korean Startup VCNC, Between is a SNS just for two. It provides a private space for all lovers to communicate and share their beautiful memories with their significant other.

Going Global
VCNC recently accompanied beSUCCESS to Singapore as one of ten Korean startups that won the chance through the ‘K-APP Global Hub Program’ to go to Singapore for an intensive week of seminars, business matching and networking. VCNC applied for the program in Singapore to identify partners who could help them with user acquisition outside Korea and Japan (where they currently dominate). Additionally, having gained extensive market penetration in two markets their next major concern is monetization and to refine their global market strategy. Singapore was a great place to gain these insights and assist with their growth strategy, said CEO Jaeuk Park. He went on: “We had a rough strategy for penetrating the SEA market, however, we wanted feedback about the feasibility around the plan in the region. We have learned more about the market and in which countries we should be focusing when entering SE Asia. Also, learning about the different characteristics of the SE Asian countries has given us a clearer vision on how to refine our plans for expansion”. VCNC is looking to launch in SE Asia now, starting with Singapore as a permanent base. During the KAPP trip the team held their first customer event, with the intention of having 2-3 more before the end of this year.

Tough competition in the SNS market for couples
VCNC is facing tough competition in their quest to go global with Between. Apps such as Y Combinator-backed Couple, as well as Avocado, SimplyUs and LoveByte, are also pursuing the couples market. Between boasts an impressive number of over 3M global users, thus having a firm advantage over other apps with their unique knowledge of the Asian market. It looks like Between from Korea, where it’s even normal to see couples dressed in matching shirts, shoes, hairstyles etc, have used its unique knowledge of what kind of features couples are seeking to take a firm grip of the Asian couples market.

More about Between
Between is a smartphone application with three main features that aim to meet all the communication needs of today’s smart-connected couples: Instant Chat, Album function, and Memo. Between also provides both free and paid emoticons to add fun into intimate communication as well as providing reminders for anniversaries, birthdays and other special dates, ensuring that no one gets wrapped for forgetting those all important events. The in-app Event Box automatically notifies users about promotions tailored for couples and B2C companies can use this space to reach customers. VCNC believes that Between is the best channel for B2C marketing for couples and expects revenue to rise sharply as agreements are put in place for marketing distribution through their service. VCNC recently closed a funding round raising $4M in investment, to assist in global growth and monetization activities. The company now has offices in both Seoul and Tokyo and boasts 3M global users.

More about this article series
The KAPP article series will cover each of the 20 startups that took part in the KAPP Global Hub Program, which took Korean startups to two global startup hubs, and is followed with a series of targeted workshops to ensure that the relationships and experience gained during the overseas trips was fully leveraged. 10 startups went to Singapore to discover the South East Asian markets, build partner relationships and gain investment for global growth. The other 10 companies went to Israel to engage with, and learn from, experts in one of the World’s most prolific high-tech centres.

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