Korean Startup
Get rid of your English writing woes with Korean platform Ediket
2019년 02월 12일

When it is about important documents, most people struggle with writing correctly and in a foolproof manner. It always helps to have the written work copy edited by someone who is better with it, but it is understood that it’s an expensive task and affordable by businesses. Korean startup Ediket has worked out a most democratic platform which offers everyone help with their written documents. Easy, affordable way to correct your English writing Ediket…

Korean startup NOTA develops low cost, high performance AI solutions  
2019년 01월 31일

Korean startup NOTA has developed unique model compression technology using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which can be applied broadly to mobile, drone and robotics.  NOTA’s AI solutions do not need a server or network cost for operating AI models because of the on-device ML techniques. Low Server Cost; Low Latency Issue AI-based systems are getting much attention across the globe for its utility in autonomous driving and drones. The AI-based systems…

Flitto: The Korean startup teaching translation to AI-driven online translators
2019년 01월 23일

A Korean startup that started as a crowd-sourced translation service has become the most sought after company for providing language data to various international servers for improvising on their translation programs. Flitto, powered by artificial intelligence and professional translators, connects requesters and translators through its website or app. Platform to Connect with Translators Flitto was launched in 2012 and presently has 9.5 million users in 173 countries. The translation platform is very simple to…

Generation Z Opens their Ears and Wallet to Korean Tech Spoon Radio
2019년 01월 23일

Mykoon, the parent company of the better known Spoon Radio, surpassed $20.2M USD (23B KRW) in 2018 annual sales. This trajectory makes for a more than 900% year after year growth rate. Spoon Radio, which started in March 2016, is a private radio broadcasting service which successfully targets Z-geners. Users aged 18 to 24 account for more than 70% of all users. Accumulated downloads range to 5.7 million, and more than 1.2 million…

Korean startup FutureBioWorks making safe connections for health of ‘hearts’
2019년 01월 17일

Myocardial Infarction or Heart Failure is of the most common causes of death in humans. A person with heart problem needs surgery like a bypass or vascular anastomosis. Korean startup FutureBioWorks’ Biotechnology Research Institute is developing a shape memory polymer for safe and fast vascular implants with excellent characteristics. BM-Tube connection for safe, faster recovery The product BM-Tube has many advantages because of shape memory polymer use. Shape Memory Polymer based vascular stents are…

Korean Startup’s device can detect harmful bacteria from water & food, preventing avoidable deaths
2019년 01월 16일

An estimate by the World Health Organisation says almost 600 million people which is about 1 in 10 people in the world fall ill due to contaminated food each year. 420,000 people die because of food poisoning every year. 502,000 is the number of diarrhoea deaths due to contaminated water each year. Safe drinking water and clean food have become a paramount need in today’s world to save healthy lives from unwanted…

Blank Corporation Promotes KOSDAQ Listing after 3 years of Establishment
2019년 01월 15일

Media commerce start-up company called Blank Corporation is planning to be listed on KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) next year. The company, which was established in early 2016 under the name of Blank TV, has shown rapid growth and is set to challenge IPO (Initial Public Offering) for the first time in three years. Blank Corporation sent a bid request (RFP: request for proposal) to local brokerages on the 10th to select securities…

Linkshops.com: The digital doorway to Dongdaemun’s wholesale fashion market
2019년 01월 14일

Seoul’s oldest market Dongdaemun market has adopted the modern world’s way of working by hopping on to the digitalisation bus with Korean startup portal Linkshops.com. Located in the northeast of central Seoul, Dongdaemun market is primarily a clothes market with a number of shopping centres offering garments at wholesale rates. Linkshops.com has linked the Dongdaemun wholesalers with retailers through its online platform. Linking the wholesalers with the retailers Established in 2012, Linkshops Co.,…

Music Spray: A digital platform helping musicians reach a worldwide audience with only a one-time fee of $99
2019년 01월 11일

For musicians across the globe, the biggest problem after creating a beautiful piece is to find a proper distribution channel that also doesn’t cut into their pockets. South Korean startup Pison Contents has developed Music Spray, a digital distribution platform that charges just $99 or 99,000 won for a one-time signup fee offering unlimited lifetime digital distribution. Distribute, promote and be famous Musicians can release as much content as they want using Music Spray to…

Korean Tour Tech, Myrealtrip Wins $26.6M USD in Investment
2019년 01월 11일

Myrealtrip (CEO Lee Dong-gun), which started in 2012, is reworking what tour packages mean. The Korean tech company is making various smaller sized and unique tour packages instead of the generic deals that tour agencies tend to provide. As a result, Myrealtrip has attracted about $26.6M USD (30B KRW) in accumulated investment so far, including a collective investment of $15.1M USD (17B KRW) from Altos Ventures, Smilegate Investment, IMM Investment, IBK Capital, and Mirae Asset-Naver Fund. Several of the…

Lollicam: The favourite app for Video-Selfie lovers; created by Korean startup
2019년 01월 09일

Lollicam, the real-time mobile video application developed by a Korean startup, is leading the market for Video-Selfies. Lollicam became the number one app among selfie-lovers at the time of its launch in 2015. Now, the free app is garnering more fans with millions of downloads from across the globe. Have a selfie with bunny ears or groove under a disco-ball Lollicam has been developed by an efficient team at Seerslab. It is an original app…

Korean ‘Slack’ JANDI leading the way in the Asian corporate market
2019년 01월 08일

Korean Startup Toss Lab with its flagship product JANDI, a group-oriented messaging, has created an outstanding communication channel for corporate houses. JANDI can easily be dubbed as the Asian version of ‘Slack’, the Silicon Valley team chat tool. The messaging platform with an integrated suite of collaboration tools is tailor-made for workplaces in Asia. JANDI is being used across companies in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore. A workplace communication channel JANDI combines messaging…

IOT Radar Technology By Bitsensing Inc Brings In The New Era For Safety
2019년 01월 05일

Technology has crept into nearly every aspect of our lives. Whether it is the GPS that runs on your smartphone to devices that make your home a smart home, everything is the part of the largest IT revolution called the Internet of Things. IOT is an ecosystem of devices connected to the internet. With sensors embedded in the IOT radar devices, it can send/receive data and communicate with various other devices via…

Korean Startup Studio XID’s tool ProtoPie making it easy for designers to create prototypes
2019년 01월 04일

It is not an easy task for designers and creators to clearly communicate their ideas to clients or their development team and this is where there is a strong need for a great prototype tool to convert imagination to reality. Korean startup Studio XID has created a highly efficient prototype tool – Protopie. Since its launch in 2014, the tool has been endorsed and utilised by designers from many high-profile firms like Google,…

Korean Startup’s App ‘Send Anywhere’ makes sharing simple
2019년 01월 03일

In this era of smartphones, inevitably a lot of content will be created by any individual user – videos, photos, music etc. Now content creation is easy, but what about sharing it with others? Korean startup Estmob has developed an app Send Anywhere, which can help users share files of any size and shape with any devices or platforms, with no degradation in the quality. Share videos, photos, files with any device without quality degeneration…

‘Blind’: The Korean Chat App that is creating quite a buzz with Silicon Valley secrets!
2019년 01월 03일

A South Korean social networking platform Blind, specifically targeting corporate employees, who want to vent out their workplace woes anonymously, is gaining innumerable users in the USA. The app Blind is basically a message board for users to discuss, debate and even gossip about anything that relates to the corporate world employee workforce like company policies, workplace politics or harassment and compensations. The app was launched by South Korean startup TeamBlind in 2014….

Korean Edutech Startup RiiiD becomes ‘SANTA’ for TOEIC learners
2019년 01월 03일

Korean Edutech startup RiiiD is paving the way for the future of the education industry with its personalised learning platform based on Artificial Intelligence. The Edutech startup’s application SANTA TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) gives customised solutions for boosting TOEIC scores based on a user’s learning behaviour. Learning & Improvising based on AI-based technology SANTA TOEIC is an innovative AI TOEIC learning solution that provides users with a personalised shortest learning path….

Korean startup RemoteMonster makes video broadcast management easier with WebRTC technology
2019년 01월 02일

Video Content is dominating the world of the web and the percentage of internet traffic for live streaming of videos is also growing enormously. This means that a need will arise for affordable and efficient broadcast technology to streamline live videos and have balanced internet video content providers. Korean startup RemoteMonster is a WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) based broadcasting communications company, that wants to bring about a new broadcasting communication revolution. Live streaming made…

2019 Cheer: One more Korean Startup Woowa Brothers joins the ‘unicorn’ billionaire club
2019년 01월 01일

Woowa Brothers, the startup that operates the leading food delivery app of South Korea ‘Baedal Minjok’, joins the ‘unicorn’ billionaire club with the latest investment from global firms. Woowa Brothers secured investments worth US $320 million in December 2018 taking the company’s valuation to over US $1 billion. Giant backing from Global investors The startup got its latest funds from private equity firm Hillhouse Capital, US-based Sequoia Capital and GIC, Singapore’s sovereign…

KakaoPage acquires a major stake in Indonesian webtoon company Neobazar
2018년 12월 31일

KakaoPage, the webtoon platform from South Korea’s internet giant Kakao Corp., recently acquired a major stake in Indonesian company Neobazar, a company into publishing games and webtoon services. Indonesia’s leading webtoon platform Neobazar was started in 2015 and is now Indonesia’s leading online comic service. The platform offers webtoons and web novels. It has become number one paid webtoon service in Indonesia with 1.7 app downloads till date. Neobazar’s platform also hosts Korean…