너라면 그럴 줄 알았다. 여성생활미디어 ‘핀치’ 정세윤 대표
  ·  2019년 05월 21일

“정제된 뉴스와 콘텐츠를 필요로 하는 여성들의 생활 미디어” 핀치( 대표 정세윤)는 2016년에 창간되었다. 여성들이 여성혐오 없이 향유할 수 있는 콘텐츠와 그런 콘텐츠를 담을 플랫폼이 전무하다는 판단에 창업하게 되었고, 부분 유료화 정책과 함께 독자적인 시각을 유지하며 지금까지 살아남았다. 구성원 전원이 여성이며, 여성혐오 없는 컨텐츠 제작을 방향으로 넷플릭스, 책, 여행, 영화와 같이 가까이에 있는 문화부터 비혼, 관계, 노동 등 일상에 깊숙이 반영된 주제까지 담아내고 있다.여성 창업자의 이야기를 듣는 Female Founder Formation, 핀치의 코파운더이자 편집장을 맡고 있는…

Union Invests into Korean beauty MCN startup Leferi
2016년 03월 08일

Leferi Beauty Channel, a popular beauty MCN in Asia has secured a US$822k (KRW 1b) investment from Union Investment Partners. Driving the investment deal was the global trend for video contents. In the Asian market, popular video content categories in the Asian market  include beauty and fashion as well as Korean products. Leferi Beauty Channel has partnered with Youtube Korea over the last 1 year and 4 months to deliver their Creator Academy…

The English beSUCCESS Media Team is Hiring – Apply Now
2014년 09월 29일

3-month contract, with possibility of extension to a full time position Team: English Editorial Team Level: Junior team member How to apply: Please email your resume and cover letter to What is beSUCCCESS? beSUCCESS is Korea’s leading media and events platform that helps Korean technology startups find success beyond their domestic borders. We achieve this through media and events, as well as a wide range of other local and global initiatives….

The Future Of Smart Advertising Is Media Mining And Korean Startup Easiaid Aims To Lead The Market [Part 1]
2014년 07월 25일

Easiaid is a Korean Start-up, obsessed with Media Mining, which seeks to track everything on TV shows in order to give Ad viewing power back to the customer. At a time when heritage advertising has lost its appeal and it efficacy, content producers are desperate to find new ways of monetizing content. The industry is wide open and innovation is leading future trends that could change the ways we consume branded content…

Foreign-Owned NYK Media Group Helps Korean Startups and SMEs Communicate Effectively in English
2014년 07월 17일

“Touch Your Customers… Appropriately” Does the English in the above picture seem awkward to you? Let’s take a moment to look at it. There are no misspellings. The grammar is correct. But there is something definitely strange about telling a potential customer that your company “can touch anywhere”. Touch what exactly, and for what purpose? I guess we will have to use our imagination, but in this case first impressions will certainly…