Smartphone Penetration Hits A New High In Korea, Still The Highest On Earth
2013년 03월 14일

Earlier this year we reported that smartphone penetration had reached 60%, and the new figure (only 2 months later) shows that a massive 67% of South Korean mobile subscribers use smartphones.

Thinking About A Japanese Launch Of Your PC / Mobile App. You Might Want to Speak To Tokyo-Based AdJapon
2013년 02월 28일

Adjapan and 8crops are subsidiaries of Fancommunications, one of the largest ASPs (affiliate service providers) in Japan. They offer a range of interesting marketing solutions for both PCs and smartphones. They are now actively expanding into new markets, having seen sustained domestic growth.

Korean Gamevil & Intivsoft Release New Mobile Action Game “Sir Death”
2013년 02월 19일

Korean mobile game developer Gamevil has just released a new mobile action game ‘Sir Death’ into the Korean domestic open markets. Having first been released in the Apple App Store back in October 2012, ‘Sir Death’ is now making forays into the general Korean smartphone gaming market.

Korean Telecoms News: Watchdog Rejects 4th Carrier and Largest Carrier Posts Major Profit Slump
  ·  2013년 02월 04일

At the end of last week South Korea’s communications watchdog turned down bids by two Korean firms to set up the country’s fourth mobile operator.

Essential Data for Global App Developers, Eyeing Up The Lucrative Japan And Korea Markets
  ·  2013년 02월 04일

Japan and Korea present amazing opportunities for app developers, but fierce competition and unique characteristics means local knowledge and a finely tuned entry strategy is a must. This article aims to uncover some of the truths to help you succeed.

Is Korea a Hostile Environment for Foreign Companies? Yahoo’s Gone. Who’s Next?
2013년 01월 07일

Several big names have exited Korea in the last few years (CarreFour, Walmart, Motorola, RIM, HTC, Goldman Sachs, to mention a few), but can Korean consumers be blamed for the failure of foreign companies to attract and retain market share, as some have suggested?