10 Pieces of “Marriage Advice” For Startups
2015년 06월 08일

Raising funds from venture capitalists is just like entering into a marriage, especially if a partner takes a seat on your board. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a venture capitalist (who to marry) and how to best work with that person after receiving investment (after the honeymoon). Below are a few pointers from Eric Kim, Managing Partner of Goodwater Capital, who works closely with startups in Silicon…

Daum Kakao Acquires Popular Social Network Path As Part of its Global
2015년 05월 29일

Daum Kakao Corp., a leading mobile lifestyle platform provider, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Path as part of the company’s global expansion efforts. The acquisition will take form in Daum Kakao carrying out an asset acquisition of Path the social network and Path Talk the messaging app. “We created Path as a network that brings users a source of happiness, meaning and connection. We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished…

“내 목표는 세계에서 가장 권력이 없는 CEO가 되는 것”, 슈퍼셀 일카 파나넨 대표
  ·  2015년 05월 20일

“브라질에 축구가 있다면 한국에는 온라인 게임이 있습니다. 슈퍼셀은 피시방과 넥슨의 나라, 한국을 위해 헌신적인 노력을 쏟아부을 것입니다.” 클래시오브클랜을 포함한 단 3개의 게임만으로 포브스로부터 ‘역사상 가장 빨리 성장하는 게임 회사’라는 평을 들은 슈퍼셀(Supercell)의 일카 파나넨 대표가 오늘 ‘서울디지털포럼 2015’ 무대에 섰다. 그는 단 5년 만에 모바일 게임 업계를 장악할 수 있었던 슈퍼셀의 성공 비결을 문화, 운 그리고 실패라는 3가지 요소로 축약해 설명했다. 5년 전 슈퍼셀을 창립할 때 일카 파나넨 대표가 세웠던 원칙은 단순했다….

“이 문제는 해결 가능한 문제입니다”, 편견 뒤엎은 스무살 청년의 바다 쓰레기 청소 프로젝트
  ·  2015년 05월 20일

“이 문제는 해결 가능한 문제입니다. 제가 3년 전 배를 타고 있을 때 누구도 바다에 떠 있는 쓰레기를 청소하는 것이 가능하다고 생각하지 않았습니다. 하지만 적어도 해양 쓰레기 청소는 시도는 해봐야 할 만큼 인류에게 중요한 문제입니다. 그리고 그 첫 시도가 한국에서 가까운 곳에서 이루어질 예정입니다.” 2011년 그리스에서 스쿠버 다이빙을 하던 한 16살 소년은 물고기보다 더 많은 쓰레기를 바다에서 발견하며 이런 질문을 던졌다. “왜 아무도 이걸 치우지 않는 걸까?”. 이에 대한 답으로 그는 2013년 항공우주공학…

[Infographics] The Recent Arguments about Net Neutrality
2015년 02월 24일

Recently, It was quite controversial about Net Neutrality in States. Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication. Here, we have organized the events that happened recently about the Net Neutrality and made up an Infographics.

IDG Capital and SMBA Create $ 910 million USD Korean Venture Fund
2015년 02월 16일

The Korean SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration) agreed to establish a fund , ‘Korean Venture Fund(tentative name ‘Korea Fund’)’ IDG Capital(CEO Xiaoge Xiong), China’s second place venture capital. This fund is as much as $ 910 million USD. After the Korea-China FTA negotiation settlement, small and medium businesses’ interest in entering the Chinese market is increasing tremendously. Amongst this hype, SMBA has brought in ‘China IDG Capital’ which has the know-how of…

Daumkakao 4Q total revenue $ 59 Million USD
2015년 02월 12일

Daum Kakao Corp. today reported fiscal year and fourth quarter financial results under Korean-IFRS, the first to reflect the merged company’s consolidated earnings,. Daum Kakao’s consolidated revenue for the quarter was KRW 254 billion, and KRW 898.4 billion for the fiscal year 2014. With mobile services comprising of 53% and 49% of the revenue, respectively, the company continued to strengthen its position as the leading mobile lifestyle platform provider in Korea. KRW…

50 Ghost Factories Operating in Korea: All About the Unknown Tech Shops in Korea
2015년 02월 11일

There are many co-working spaces where start-ups can build their prototypes. The government is continuously building new places as well. The only problem is, people don’t know they exist. If you open room #550 of Seun Arcade, a whole new world appears. From 3D printers to large-size laser cutters, it sure does looks like an ex-astronaut’s office. Astronaut San Ko founded TIDE Institute, an organization supporting tech-based start-ups three years ago, becoming…

Where Everyone is Maker② MakeSense: Real Korean ‘Everyone’s Programming’
2015년 02월 10일

MakeSense is a combined team of OnAirSoft and Nsynaps that used to work together at a robot lab, and currently is developing an educational application ‘Sici’ at Hansung University. They have come up with a new say of programming method through a block. The following is BeSuccess’ interview about ‘Everyone’s Programming’ with MakeSense.   – Introduce ‘Everyone’s Programming’ for us. ‘Everyone’s Programming’ is a set of an application that children can even…

Where Everyone is Maker① Hellogeeks :‘BitCube’, Anyone make Robot
2015년 02월 10일

The IoT will come into our daily lives more and more, as time passes. BeSuccess met Hellogeeks, a company that is building products that help general consumers to use the IoT technolicy.   ‘BitCube’ made by Hellogeeks is a tech kit that helps a programming layman can easily build a robot out of sensors, motors, LEDs, etc. and set control rules for the robot. – What is BitCube? BitCube is “The world’s…

Daum Kakao Releases Transparency Report
2015년 01월 23일

Daum Kakao (co-CEOs Saehoon Choi and Sirgoo Lee) today revealed its first transparency report through its corporate website. Daum Kakao reemphasized its philosophy of placing protection of users’ information as its number one priority, and disclosed data regarding user information requests. Daum Kakao also plans to further its efforts to protect user privacy by regularly updating data in the transparency report and by actively engaging in social discussions for privacy protection. “It…

나인투파이브는 최선이 아니다, 20개 나라를 여행하며 일하는 디지털 노마드 이야기
  ·  2015년 01월 21일

Editor’s Note: 다음은 본지의 도유진 필진이 디지털 노마드들의 이야기를 담은 다큐멘터리 제작을 시작하면서 만나게 된 제이(CEO & 공동 창업자,의 글을 본인 동의 하에 번역한 글임을 알려드립니다. 원문은 Entrepreneur에 ‘How I Built a Startup While Traveling to 20 Countries’ 라는 제목으로 1월 14일 게재되었습니다.  1년 전, 나는 내가 가진 모든 것을 처분한 뒤 40리터 백팩을 하나를 매고 샌프란시스코를 떠났다. 나는 20여개 나라의 45개 도시, 디즈니랜드 세 곳과 토끼 섬을 여행했고, 나의 스타트업을 위해 일주일에 50시간을 일했으며, 여기에…

Jobplanet Acquires $8.3 million USD from Qualcomm, Altos, and Bon Angels
2015년 01월 16일

Jobplanet, korean company assessment platform, announced on the 14th that they acquired total 8.3 million USD from Qualcomm Ventures, Altos Ventures, and Born Angels. Job Planet had initially received 2 million USD from Born Angels and The Ventures last year. Adding this investment, it sums up to total 10 million USD. Qualcomm Ventures and Altos Ventures are the US-based VCs that had been investing in successful global ventures not only in Silicon…

‘Ti In Coop VC Association’ for Travel and Leisure Startup Launched
2015년 01월 16일

‘Tin In Coop Venture Capital Association’ specialized for travel and leisure start-ups, launches on January 15. For the first time in Korea, representatives of Korean travel agencies and related field, as well as commerce platforms are participating in ‘Tin in Coop VC association,’ planning to provide customized support for travel and leisure start-up. They raised seed money of $800,000 and plan to expand the investment size by making the membership conditions to give…

Mobile Game Company ‘Eight Panda’ Raises $2.4 million
2015년 01월 15일

On January 13, Eight Panda, a korean mobile game company, announced that they raised $2.4 million as development fund from Korea Investment Partners and Ankang Venture Investment. Eight Panda consists of developers with the experience in title development of major online games in Korea. With 10 years’ of experience in game development and experience of conducting initial stage to the final service, a new type of RPG customized for mobile will be…

DaumKakao Kickstarts ‘KakaoTaxi’, Drivers’ App
2015년 01월 14일

DaumKakao has launched the driver’s version of ‘Kakao Taxi’ Android app on the 13th. This application is a prerelease version to recruit drivers before  launching the passengers’ version of the app. Any registered taxi drivers can download the app and register as a member. To register, drivers will have to enter their names, first 6 digits of their social security number, license number, upload their photos and license image. DaumKakao then approves…

Analysis of Top 5 Korean Domestic Accelerator
2015년 01월 13일

Often young startups face difficulty in making decisions when they look for the right source for incubating and investments. Even if you are lucky enough to find a VC, explaining your product to someone who has no background knowledge could feel like talking to a wall. To help with these issues, we have prepared a report containing backgrounds, interested fields, and startup development directions for 2015, of top the 5 accelerator in…

[beSUCCESS Recruiting 2015] English Reporter Needed Now
2015년 01월 09일

Full time job (after 3 months internship) & Part time Working in HQ of beSUCESS in Seoul, South Korea Main Task : Korean and Global IT, Tech, Startup Reporting, Writing and Editing Articles Key Responsibility : Fluent Enough to Write Articles in English Interested and Curious about Korean Startup Ecosystem and beSUCCESS Understanding Journalism and duty as Writer. Wanting to Contribute to Korean Startup Ecosystem, Especially Helping them to Go Global Send Resume and…

IT Distribution Startup ‘Mesh Korea’ secures 4 Million Dollars
2015년 01월 07일

B2C distribute portal service Mesh Korea (CEO Jeung-bum Yu) announced total of 4 billion won (roughly $4 million USD) of investment from multiple investors including EG Partners (Daumkakao Young Adult Startup Investment Union). In addition to EG Partners, Shinhan Capital, Seoul Investment Partners, and Solborn Investment, also decided to participate in the investment of Mesh Korea due to its growth potential. Since the establishment of January 2013, Mesh Korea has provided distribution…

Baedal Minjok Breaks 5 Million Monthly Order Mark
2015년 01월 07일

On last month, Woowa Bros. (CEO Bong-jin Kim)’s delivery app ‘Baedal Minjok’ reached their best record as they surpassed 5 million monthly orders. On December 2014, the report shows 5.2 million delivery counts, a 20% increase from November’s 4.3 million. The estimated total transaction fee is approximately 95 billion won. 2014’s annual delivery broke 40 million mark as well indicating a 230% increase compared to 2013.  Statistic Korea report shows that there…